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Question #1: What do the laws that govern the life of your organic waste have to say?


Both the law and the mindset regarding the long-term use of waste products are changing.


Choose the easy way to adapt to the legislative requirements of Grenelle II by processing your organic waste effectively at source with ECO-CLEANER©.


The Energy Transition for Green Growth Act (17 August 2015) requires all professionals to ensure the high-quality processing of their waste and organic waste products.

Question #2: What is organic waste?

“Organic waste consists of food waste and other biodegradable natural waste.” Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

Question #3: What standard does the digestate obtained after an ECO-CLEANER© cycle comply with?

Organic soil conditioner in accordance with standard NFU 44-051.

Question #4: What are aerobic thermophilic bacteria?

These are bacteria that grow in the presence of oxygen and at a certain temperature.

Question #5: What does the term “circular economy” mean?