Compost* in 24h with ECO-CLEANER©

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How does it work?

ECO-CLEANER© is plugged into a mains socket (mono- and three-phase). Its thermal heating plates increase the temperature in the tank. Its blades start to turn and the mixing effect stimulates bacterial activity.


When you start a cycle, you activate the micro-organisms. The aerobic thermophilic bacteria then come into contact with the organic waste and reduce its volume by 90 to 95% in 24h.


The residue from this process is an organic soil conditioner in accordance with the standard NFU 44-051.


Benefit from mechanical processing coupled with the activity of micro-organisms.

ECO-CLEANER©: from the plate to the soil


  1. Consumption / production of food waste on site
  2. Sorting of remains left on plates, use-by dates expired, left-over raw materials, etc.
  3. Processed in ECO-CLEANER© for a 90 to 95% reduction in the volume of the organic waste in 24h
  4. Resulting in a powder residue*.
  5. Improved agricultural yield thanks to the addition of the organic soil conditioner output from ECO-CLEANER©.

* organic soil conditioner in accordance with the standard NFU 44-051.

Many advantages

ECO-CLEANER© is a mechanical equipment solution designed and manufactured in France (Saône-et-Loire).

It can be integrated perfectly in your environment thanks to its handy dimensions and its stainless steel shell which is hygienic and easy to maintain.


ECO-CLEANER© has low electricity consumption, low noise emissions and low odour and water emissions (condensate).


Thanks to ECO-CLEANER©, you:

  • save on waste collection charges,
  • prevent the release of methane,
  • drastically reduce your CO2 emissions.

Ancillary solutions

Let’s work together to create the concept that will be centred around your ECO-CLEANER©.


We will recommend the ancillary solutions that meet the needs of your environment:

  • Crusher,
  • Weighing table and sorting table,
  • Compostable bags,
  • Serviettes, plates, cups, etc. made from compostable sugarcane starch.